HDIP Markets Education


Assault, arson, bullying, theft and vandalism can happen across an entire campus, at any time. Dedicated Micros solutions provide a safer environment for students, staff and the public alike, enabling security personnel to tackle incidents quickly. A choice of HD Analogue and HD IP ensure you can maintain your current infrastructure while MultiMode intelligently manages storage by changing bit rate and resolution, upon alarm triggers. These features allow for an even greater return on investment, while being able to record and view a larger number of days storage for potentially evidential investigations.

HDIP Markets Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings

High value properties need protection; whether its a cultural treasure such as London’s Guildhall or modern icons such as the Gherkin. Dedicated Micros’ systems deliver against challenging specifications while adhering to architectural sensitivities and regulations. The SmartVu 3000 range, with WDR are perfect for guarding entrances and lobbies looking out onto exterior spaces, balancing out varied LUX images to give you the ability to capture details of the scene both internally and externally at the same time.

HDIP Markets Retail

Retail Solutions

Shrinkage costs the UK retail industry over £5billion annually, employee fraud makes up a third of these losses. Surveillance solutions from Dedicated Micros act as a deterrent, providing HD video for use as evidence while enabling security functions to act promptly. PowerScripting allows tight integration of external source data such as till activity within the security solution, creating additional value and further protecting assets.

HD Analogue local authority

Local Authority

Local councils require CCTV for a variety of reasons, from deterring criminal activity, to monitoring anti-social behaviour. CCTV is also used to aid in prosecutions and assist the emergency services. Dedicated Micros can provide HD images that can be acted upon immediately to help thwart potentially serious situations. Multiple, large sites, such as parks/town centres can be monitored using DM’s NetVu Observer VMS allowing greater connectivity, interaction and performance across one seamless operating system.

HD Analogue leisure and hospitality


Dedicated Micros Surveillance solutions support security and management functions, offering a safer environment for visitors, guests and staff. HD Analogue and IP solutions can easily be integrated into an hotel or leisure development’s existing infrastructure to provide high quality, scalable and effective solutions. Visual Motion Detection (VMD) is an easy to configure technology, allowing the monitoring of areas where motion activity should be minimal, such as store rooms/offices, simultaneously saving storage and recording in full HD upon alarm.

HD Analogue healthcare


With a security solution from Dedicated Micros, healthcare professionals can feel safer from the threats of verbal intimidation, assaults and theft, all of these can be common place in pressurised environments. A reliable security solution can relieve much of the worry, allowing a greater emphasis to be placed on patient care and well being. DM’s Closed IPTV technology also secures the corporate network against external attacks, which is of vital importance when confidential, patient information could be accessed.

HDIP Markets Banking


Retail counters, ATMs and financial institution’s premises need protecting from internal and external fraud. The evidential quality of HD video can help deter and prosecute offenders. Dedicated Micros’ secure, scalable solutions provide real-time surveillance to reduce incidents and provided a potentially significant return on investment. PowerScripting allows the tight integration of external source data within the security solution, creating additional value through applications such as ATM monitoring.

warehouse and manufacturing


Warehouses face an array of security threats including: trespassing, arson and theft of stock by staff. It’s important that property is properly protected from these threats. Dedicated Micros’ HD quality images can deter criminal activity, help to identify criminals and be used in prosecution. Dedicated Micros can provide manageable, scalable solutions from small scale Analogue/IP, to hybrid solutions, right up to enterprise size Virtual NVR systems, dependant on the warehouse size.



Protecting farms and agricultural premises with effective security is of vital importance. From protecting buildings and machinery, to desiging solutions tied in with process management, CCTV plays an important role in ensuring the effective operation of the farm, securing yards and fields, protecting the safety of staff and livestock while preserving machinery from damage or misuse. TransCoding supports the recording of video in high resolution with remote playback in suitable bandwidth resolution, allowing remote viewing of land through a number of remote applications such as mobile phones.


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Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

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Product Warranty 

All products come with 1 year warranty, with an extension available through online registration. Once registered, the warranty increases to 2 years for cameras and 3 years for DVRs.