HD IP Solution

For the smaller IP only projects the SD Advanced NVR with built in high security switch, provides all the benefits of Closed IPTV, creating a secure and robust HD IP solution removing the need for a full network implementation, saving both time and cost while ensuring the highest quality installation.

The enhanced SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR supports 1080p IP, analogue 960H and DM’s new 720p HD Analogue camera recording and display from the same system, offering tolerance, flexibility and choice.

Both video recorders are perfectly complemented by DM’s SmartVu camera range. Coming in 720p, 1080p and 3MP formats, these cameras provide remote focus and zoom capability, ensuring the network implementation is done accurately, simply, first time. When paired with the SD Advanced NVR the cameras also offer remote codec benefits, becoming an extension of the NVR, directly encoding the image stream.

The NVR is then used to decode the images meaning the distribution of processing requirements means a greater number of IP cameras can be connected and managed from one unit as stream communication becomes more efficient.

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Small -Scale IP Video Surveillance Solution

When connected to DM’s SmartVu range of cameras, a system perfect for small scale IP solutions, encompasing all of DM’s technology benefits is created. Direct connection of up to 16 DM IP cameras is possible through the built in high end Closed IPTV switch, offering corporate network segregation and security.

Facilitating ease of installation through the SmartVu’s remote focus and zoom capability this extremely cost effective investment is easily expanded to comprise of up to 32 cameras using an additional Layer 3 Switch. All of the features together create a solution which is scalable, manageable and reliable transmitting and displaying HD quality images.

SmartVu Cameras

Dedicated Micros smartvu Cameras

SD Advanced NVR

sd advanced nvr

Why HD IP?

    • Megapixel Resolution

      Dedicated Micros extensive range of IP cameras come in 720p, 1080p and 3MP versions providing superior HD images meaning pixel changes can be more closely followed providing benefits for situations such as identification purposes.

    • Simple Installation

      Using its embedded PoE switch the SD Advanced NVR facilitates simple installation requiring only one cable to provide power and video, while, when coupled with DM’s SmartVu range of IP cameras offers remote and varifocus further reducing installation and commissioning times by offering simple adjustment of a cameras focus over the network from a computer.

    • Remote Accessibility

      Control this and unlimited NetVu connected systems through NetVu Observer video management software providing greater reliability, connectivity, resilience, interaction and performance across a seamless operating system.

    • Flexibility/Scalability

      Dedicated Micros IP systems are perfect for any size of application, from small distributed 16 camera installs to the virtual NVR implementing hundreds of IP cameras into one integrated system, all providing each of DM’s core technology benefits.

    • Converging Integration

      Dedicated Micros technology can seamlessly integrate with existing/future systems and functions enabling a constantly evolving security portfolio specifically tailored to individual needs adding additional value to applications such as access control, building management systems, fire alarms and ATM units.

HD IP Markets

Ideal markets and applications that can benefit from a HD IP solutions include:

Download the Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Download the latest Dedicated Micros Sales Pack which focuses on the benefits of the HD IP & HD Analogue product ranges, and includes :

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Channels to Market

The new range of Dedicated Micros products are now available in the UK through our authorised distribution partner EET Europarts (Pro-vision) and directly through our Sales Team. For Dedicated Micros products in the USA we distribute through a number of partners please contact the USA team for further details.

Product Warranty 

All products come with 1 year warranty, with an extension available through online registration. Once registered, the warranty increases to 2 years for cameras and 3 years for DVRs.