Closed IPTV – Secure video IP networking

Dedicated Micros’ patented, Closed IPTV solution makes deploying an IP Video CCTV system safe, secure and simple.

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closed iptv
british cctv design

British design and development

Innovative British company; development is UK based with production situated in Europe.

High quality manufacture

Dedicated Micros focuses on the quality of the products we offer, delivering a measurable return on investment.

high quality manufacturer
powerscript technology

Server side customisation via PowerScript

Enables complex, logical alarm handling routines to be developed/implemented while integrating external source data to create extra user value.

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ANPR, Object Left/Removed, Detection Tripwire and Counting Tripwire can be deployed with a software upgrade licence.

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object removed
alarm handling

Alarm handling

Combine multiple alarm inputs to generate alarm events, minimising false alarm triggers.

Multimode recording saves up to 50% of HD storage requirements

Instantaneous change in bit rate and resolution from event triggers to simultaneously save storage and record important events in full HD.

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Transcoding for efficient remote playback

Record in high resolution with remote playback in suitable bandwidth resolution, not affecting the original recording.

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Automatic camera detection and configuration

Each camera is assigned a specific network port on Closed IPTV switch reducing set-up, installation and maintenance time.

automatic camera detection
secure lockdown

Secure IP network with lock down by port and MAC

Firewalls automatically created in IP camera and/or server for enhanced network security while port-to-port lockdown prevents the risk of camera host attacks.

NetVu ObserVer VMS and alarm receiving software

Each Dedicated Micros solution contains the group’s core technology, NetVu connected, allowing greater connectivity, interaction and performance across one seamless operating system.

netvu connected core technology

Download the Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Download the latest Dedicated Micros Sales Pack which focuses on the benefits of the HD IP & HD Analogue product ranges, and includes :

  • Dedicated Micros Core Technology Benefits
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Summary of Features
  • Network Solution Diagrams


High value security and safety solutions for commercial enterprises and public services.


HD IP and Analogue CCTV, fire detection and video monitoring.


Providing British innovation, quality and value for over four decades.



Meeting and exceeding end user and installer needs through specialist in-house design.

Contact us now for further information on our full range of HD IP & HD Analogue solutions

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Channels to Market

The new range of Dedicated Micros products are now available in the UK through our authorised distribution partner EET Europarts (Pro-vision) and directly through our Sales Team. For Dedicated Micros products in the USA we distribute through a number of partners please contact the USA team for further details.

Product Warranty 

All products come with 1 year warranty, with an extension available through online registration. Once registered, the warranty increases to 2 years for cameras and 3 years for DVRs.