HD IP Products
sd advanced nvr

SD Advanced NVR

Pure IP NVR – the integrated high end Closed IPTV PoE switch allows the direct connection of up to 16 Dedicated Micros IP cameras. Expandable to 32 with additional switch.

The SD Advanced NVR provides secure lock down of IP cameras with unique keys applied, to avoid network vunerability while providing corporate network segregation and security through dual IP addressing.

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Dedicated Micros smartvu Cameras

SmartVu IP Cameras

SmartVu cameras are designed specifically to provide a cost effective, easy to install product, especially when utilised alongside any of Dedicated Micros’ NetVu connected devices.

High end features such as remote focus and varifocal are included as standard and offer fast and accurate focus/re-focus. The cameras can be configured from the DVR and, when taking advantage of Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV, offer unparalleled security.

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HD Analogue Products
Dedicated Micros SD Advanced HD Analogue

Enhanced SD Advanced DVR

The Enhanced SD Advanced DVR is a secure hybrid solution which now offers HD analogue recording and display.

The in-house developed HD analogue and self configuring IP system dramatically lowers the cost of ownership, installation, maintenance and support.

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Dedicated Micros Ice2 Cameras

Ice2 Cameras

Upgrade to high definition recording using existing cabling infrastructures.

Internal mini-wedge dome, internal mini dome, box and bullet varieties.

720p HD recording when paired with SD Advanced.

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Dedicated Micros smartvu Cameras

SmartVu IP Cameras

When utilised with the enhanced SD Advanced DVR/NVR, Dedicated Micros SmartVu cameras can be used in conjunction with the Ice2 range in order to provide a ‘hybrid’ solution providing HD Analogue and HD IP video being recorded, transmitted and viewed from the same local system.

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Download the Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Dedicated Micros Sales Pack

Download the latest Dedicated Micros Sales Pack which focuses on the benefits of the HD IP & HD Analogue product ranges, and includes :

  • Dedicated Micros Core Technology Benefits
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Summary of Features
  • Network Solution Diagrams


High value security and safety solutions for commercial enterprises and public services.


HD IP and Analogue CCTV, fire detection and video monitoring.


Providing British innovation, quality and value for over four decades.



Meeting and exceeding end user and installer needs through specialist in-house design.

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Channels to Market

The new range of Dedicated Micros products are now available in the UK through our authorised distribution partner EET Europarts (Pro-vision) and directly through our Sales Team. For Dedicated Micros products in the USA we distribute through a number of partners please contact the USA team for further details.

Product Warranty 

All products come with 1 year warranty, with an extension available through online registration. Once registered, the warranty increases to 2 years for cameras and 3 years for DVRs.